About our Founders

When Bryan proposed to me, I spent the first several weeks of our engagement gushing over my ring. A diamond on your finger is something so novel and lovely—how could I not? I got to the point where Bryan nicknamed my ring “My Precious” (insert Gollum reference from Lord of the Rings). It was just so lovely and he laughed every time he caught me admiring it.

It was during this season that friends and family from afar wanted to see pictures of the ring and for some reason, I just couldn’t do it justice when I photographed it on my hand. My ring also has a colored stone, so I wanted to find something pretty to shoot it in that would highlight the color. I spent tons of time searching for something that would work, but could only find boxes in clunky sizes and boring colors. Thus, began the idea for The Mrs. Box.

It took three years from that point before we would launch our business. The idea seemed like a crazy one, but it turns out there are other girls out there like me that not only wanted a lovely heirloom, but that also wanted to enjoy seeing their ring framed in their favorite color.

We are just entering the third year since our launch and we truly are the definition of a small, family run business. Bryan has absolutely perfected the delicate art of monogramming onto velvet and many of our family members pitch in with a variety of jobs, especially when things get busy (hello, holiday season!). We are incredibly grateful for the community of brides, wedding vendors, artists, bloggers, and customers, all of whom make our business so fulfilling to run.

We feel incredibly lucky to be creating pieces that play a small role in your proposals, engagements, showers, weddings and photos. We love knowing that these little boxes reside on bedside tables or dressers or wherever else they find themselves on display and we especially love that they hold one of your most sentimental treasures. Thank you for inviting them into your homes and hearts.

So, from our family to yours, thank you for loving our boxes as much as we do.

Bryan, Summer, and Ellington (plus baby #2 on the way!)