Our Story

It really honestly started with the love of color. And the belief that things shouldn’t remain as they’ve always been—just because. We’re not sure when ring boxes became so boring—they weren’t always that way, but somewhere down the line these tiny little harbingers of joy were tossed to the wayside and doomed to spend an eternity feeling overweight and dressed in shabby colors. So we decided to change that.

We harkened to a bygone era and brought back what we already knew ladies loved! In a petite form and available in a veritable rainbow of colors, our little boxes are so surprisingly beautiful, we’re afraid they won’t be on our shelves for very long. Because they are handmade using velvet with limited edition exclusive colors, these pieces are as much an heirloom as they are a showcase for your most treasured baubles. With the ring as the center of attention in The Mrs. Box we promise—whether you are a Miss, Ms., or Mrs., whether it’s for yourself, a friend, your client, your bridesmaids, or your soon-to-be-fiance, you will love our tiny little parade of color.