The story behind

Our Brand

The Mrs. Box has single handedly created an industry out of what was once an afterthought.

We are passionate about rings and therefore ring boxes and have spread that passion to you and the world at large! We take color and customization seriously and believe in crafting heirloom pieces that will always hold meaning in your heart and your home.


Our patented ring box design is uniquely crafted to showcase your ring in the best way possible. The two piece design allows your ring to get full attention (especially in photographs!), while the comparatively small size makes your ring stand out (rather than be dwarfed by an oversized clunky box). With 44 hues to choose from, we aim to make it possible for you to find your perfect match. Our range of customization options ensures you can create a one-of-a-kind heirloom that will tell the story of your love.


We spent over a year scouring the globe in order to find what we consider to be the most extraordinary velvet on the market today. Our resulted collection is the world's largest assortment of colored ring boxes--44 in all and still growing--featuring custom colors made exclusively for us with velvet so exquisite it literally sparkles in person. These pieces are as much an heirloom as they are a showcase for your most treasured baubles. We are so proud of our collection and can't wait for you to experience it yourself.


Our newly added (and patent protected) "Bevel Collection" takes personalization to a completely new level with our engraveable lids. Our capability to completely customize your box with our own family crest, logo, stationery design, signature, etc is an unrivaled level of customization. With a complimentary concierge service now on hand, it's easier than ever to design a truly one-of-a-kind heirloom.


When Bryan proposed to me in 2012, I was beyond thrilled, not only because we were officially engaged, but also because I quickly became embarrassingly obsessed with my engagement ring. He took to teasing me every time he caught me staring.

One thing that was missing though was a beautiful box to showcase my champagne diamond. I wanted a colored box to help the color stand out! After finding nothing on the internet, I decided to change that and we set out create what has now become the world’s largest selection of luxury velvet ring boxes.

In 2020, Bryan, my sweet husband and business partner, unexpectedly passed away. Thousands of customers have an heirloom handcrafted by him and we now strive to honor his legacy in our business. My journey as a young widow and single mom has lead me to a widows' ministry that has created a new understanding of purpose behind our keepsakes. We are passionate about giving back to widows and believe our boxes are a precious keepsakes in moments of both love and loss.