The Styling Set - Large/Bevel


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  • The styling set allows you to mix-n-match your favorite five colors. Pricing represents a 20% discount, so you buy four, and get one free. Styling sets come in our macaroon-style box, which holds all five boxes. 

    Our boxes are purposely petite, measuring 3.5 cm on all sides. They are individually handmade using what we consider to be the world's most extraordinary velvet. Featuring custom colors made exclusively for us, our new boxes are so exquisite they literally sparkle in person, reflecting light in the most glorious way possible.

    Will my ring fit?

    Our boxes are meant to be petite so that your ring is the central focus. They measure about 3.5 CM on all sides but surprisingly accommodate quite large stones. They may not fit a multiple ring set or wide bands, so please be aware. See below for more details.

    Your ring will fit if it is under:

    33mm height (from base of ring to top of stone)

    24mm diameter (if your ring is under 5mm thick)

    18mm diameter (if your ring is over 5mm thick)

    Men’s bands may not fit because they are both thick and large in diameter. For example, a size 13 ring (24mm in diameter) 8mm thick, will NOT look good in our boxes!

    If you are concerned about fit, feel free to place your order and if it doesn’t work out, send us back your box and we’ll happily refund any non-monogrammed item.

    Monogram initials are imprinted onto your box using a vintage foil press. You can select from gold, silver, or rose gold monogram colors. While your impression is permanent due to the heat, the foil is fairly delicate and may flake off in the case of repeated abrasive contact (such as scratching or floating around in your purse). For protection while transporting it, we recommend keeping it protected in the outer box. Click here to see a photo of our monograms close up!

    First initial or new last initial? It's up to you, but if this gift is specifically for a wedding or engagement, it seems rather fitting to go with the new last initial, right?

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